The Gentle Giants


The Beauty of The Giant Schnauzer

  The American Kennel Club, recognize or "acknowledges" the Giant Schnauzer in three colors. 1,The (Black) / (Black w/ a small spot of White on Chest)  is exceptable .2, ( Black & Tan) and 3,(Pepper & Salts). However they ONLY except Solid Blacks or Pepper & Salts in the SHOW RING.

Some breeders, and hobbiest such as myself refer to the Giants in different colors, to give a more accurate discription to potential purchasers. Some have dark mask, and beards, while others have light beards.Some hobbiest refer to Black & Silvers, and other colors such as lightly pepperd, Dark Pepper & Salts, Or Lightly Salted, P & S .  P&S w/ mask, Some will even call them Flashy = Full of color.This is all to give the customer a wider selection and detailed choice in their puppy selection. Some colors are MUCH harder to find than others. The Giant Schnauzers are still a rare and unique breed. While the Giants are Referred to as Pepper & Salts ( P&S) the Mini Schnauzer are Salt & Pepper ( S&P).

Giants Schnauzers are born Solid Black- a few w/  a small white spot on chest. Or Black w/ a small bit of color on feet and butt - Which typically means it has a potential to turn into a P&S. However it takes several weeks sometimes months to determine if the pup will be a DARK or Light Pepper & Salt. Hobbiest and Breeders can not guarantee on how specific a color will turn out, other than the Solid black.  A good hobbiest or breeder that has followed their lines for several generations can come close to perdict a turn out. However still not be 100 % positive, and to be honest to their customers and point this out. We are currently putting a gallery of photos in our photo album to try and display the different colors and looks. Album titled Colors/ Pups.


                         Flashy, BLACK & SILVER

               high lighted eye brows, and Silver in beard